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Falling in Love with Portugal: Lagos, Lisbon & Sintra

It seems like life and work has swallowed me whole, but I persist in maintaining this blog, and documenting my cozy adventures, even if only in photos. Here are some of my favorites from a trip to Portugal during which I had visited various magical parts of it and completely fell in love with its atmosphere, sweeping views, varied architecture, and its kindness.

First, the Martian shores of Lagos and the striking Atlantic Ocean, experienced by me for the first time on a different continent.

Now on to Lisbon! Lisbon is perhaps my favorite city I have visited so far in Europe. The slopes, the trams, the quaint little alleyways. The food was marvelous as well (I think of those egg tarts often). One of the most memorable moments of the trip was watching the sunset atop São Jorge Castle and drinking a glass of wine gracefully offered by one of the locals (I mean, if you haven’t shared wine with a stranger, have you actually visited Europe at all?)

And for the last stop in Portugal—Sintra, a beautiful historic town with its lush palaces, moss-covered wells, and an enchanting fairy-tale forest, located just a short train ride away from Lisbon. I didn’t get quiet as much time there as I would have liked, but what I saw was unforgettable, and an absolute must for your Portugal itinerary.

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